On a wild night he went through the dark of the apple orchards downriver while a storm swept in and lightning marked him out with his empty sack. The trees reared like horses all about him in the wind and the fruit fell hard to the ground like the disordered c10p of hooves. Suttree stood among the screaming leaves and called the lightning down. It cracked and boomed aboutand he pointed out the darkened heart within him and cried for light. If there be any art in the weathers of this earth. Or char these bones to coal. If you can, if you can. A blackened rag in the rain. He sat with his back to a tree and watched the storm move on over the City. Am I a monster, are there monsters in me? https://offbeatquotes.com

On A Wild Night He Went Through The Dark Of The Apple Orchards Downriver While A Storm Swept In And Lightning Marked Him Out With His Empty Sack. The Trees Reared Like Horses All About Him In The Wind And The Fruit Fell Hard To The Ground Like The Disordered C10p Of Hooves. Suttree Stood Among The Screaming Leaves And Called The Lightning Down. It Cracked And Boomed Aboutand He Pointed Out The Darkened Heart Within Him And Cried For Light. If There Be Any Art In The Weathers Of This Earth. Or Char These Bones To Coal. If You Can, If You Can. A Blackened Rag In The Rain. He Sat With His Back To A Tree And Watched The Storm Move On Over The City. Am I A Monster, Are There Monsters In Me?