[Lemonz Doy ou think race plays a part in wealth distribution? I. I. Freeman Today?" -- I1" ='> I. ‘ sang, Lg -' Freeman:®ofildon't. ' You and I, we'rgproof. Freeman: Why would race have anything to- do with it? Putiigour mind to what you want to do and go fo‘rIIhatw ‘5‘; _ M are?) {phi 3 Tennessee. | had’a .long to here, but here we are. I “.4" , . -. ¥ , , Ig I I Freeman | Was born in NA haul from where I camezf II & i' n When you say ‘that to people- theyvsay yxhere you go with the pull yourself up nyIt-h.lelbpptstrl’apslth. Inngnand youflmow you're just beIng respectable Not everybody can‘ do that. i 4b? ! . Freeman: BullshI ENIefiybo ody can!rt https://inspirational.ly

April 04, 2018 at 05:34AM