Be like the jutting rocl< against which waves are constantly crashing, and all around it the frothing foam of the waters then settles back down. ”oh, I am so unfortunate thatthjs has happened to me." Not at all, but rather "how fortuna "m that, even though this has happened to me, | a. injured, neither terrified by the Does th at win If“ - _ _ being just, gre- ~ nfirolled, considerate, deliberate, ,and all other qualities true to our‘mature'?

Be Like The Jutting Rocl< Against Which Waves Are Constantly Crashing, And All Around It The Frothing Foam Of The Waters Then Settles Back Down. ”oh, I Am So Unfortunate Thatthjs Has Happened To Me." Not At All, But Rather "how Fortuna "m That, Even Though This Has Happened To Me, | A. Injured, Neither Terrified By The Does Th At Win If“ - _ _ Being Just, Gre- ~ Nfirolled, Considerate, Deliberate, ,and All Other Qualities True To Our‘mature'?