"'“m’ liEliliETS IN LIFE " lil'TllllSE IllillllTTlllllE ihe number one regret that people have on their death beds is that they were never brave enough to pursue their dreams, but settled for what others expected ol them. When they look back at their lives, they tend to recall their onreached goals and aspirations. ihey are olten haunted by decisions that resulted in the lives they ended up with. While you still have a lot ol years to live, he sure to make some time lor reaching your dreams. Start working toward your goals now; don't keep putting things oil until it's too late. "L “mien ,------__-__-------___-----__fi--___? ............ Excessive domain to work causes a person to , spend less time with their loved. ones. Parents can ’ even miss out on the lives of their children because my spent tioi'r best years pursuing careers and making money. it would do you good to determine wiat' I's really iiv‘portaot do away with unnecessary expenses and .E things that only crowd your l'de— this will make liltili .i tor improved relationships and better ldostylo choices. ‘5 I should have made more into for my inends When health and youth have faded, people realize what are truly valuable - they lind that all their income and achievements amount to nothing in the end. What really matters in those last low moments are the : people who are dear to them. At that time. they tend to ; miss their lriends. It's so easy to get lost in the daily grind that you forget to take care ol your relationships. It you don't intentionally stay in touch, you may lose contact with your friends through the years. ................................................ the importance ol love becomes more pronounced towards the end ol life. At this time, unreturned of love will also he more painlul. It can be hard to tell someone that you love them, especially il you lear rejection. But not being able to express those leelings will leave an unsettled need in you, and possibly allect all future relationships. It you are alraid oi getting hurt, remember that it‘s better to make your love known than to spend the rest ol your lile dwelling on what could have been. ----------------------------------- I should have saved more money ior my retIrement Failing to plan for the retirement years leaves people 'r _ J destitute in their old age. When that happens, their last moments on earth can be very difficult and miserable. While you are young, you might not yet grasp the reality ol retirement, but it's important to make a plan lor yoursell. Be carelul not to spend too much on . things you think you need now; think about providing a 5 comlortable lile lor yourself In the luture. Not having the courage to live tmthlully looking back. people would wonder whether things would have been better il they were truly honest about who they really are. they think about the distress they caused themselves and others by pretending to be someone they're not. You will naturally have concerns about whether people would reject you or accept you it you came clean; you might find it easier to compromise yoursell just to be liked or loved. It you don't yet have the courage to be truthlul to others, you can start being truthlul to yoursell. People rarely realize that they can choose to be happy. It's so easy to play the victim ol circumstance and prevent yoursell lrom moving on in your lite. You tend to settle lor mediocrity because it's lamiliar; you pretend to be content because you're too afraid to explore. Make a choice to have a happy lile. Be unalraid of change. and don't wony about what others think of you. learn to relax and appreciate the good things. ADDICTED ZSIIBBESSM Infographic ByAddI‘ctedZSuccess.corn Source OfRegrets: A numberofeiderty residents in nursing homes andpalh'atiee care Sharing this Infographic is permitted as long as there is an ”Ortinal Sourm" credit back to httQ'leddictedZSuccess.mm https://inspirational.ly

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