..n‘ ..o ".5 ar‘ ‘_  .r " ~ ~~¢~ _. .xvy _ I L‘s-K - «it... ~ , .v' N! . ' .-' .- n... _ _~"“-fir —' . '",¢~~ '- l ~L ‘K' ” ‘3 "Existence is that which is, and God is that which is not. Existence is a reality, God is a fiction. Existence is available only to meditators, people of silence; God is a consolation for sick minds, sick psychologies. Existence is not your production — God is. That's why there is only one existence, but thousands of gods. Each according to his needs, each according to his suffering, each according to his expectations, creates a god or accepts an old belief about God. God is a great consolation, but it is not a cure. Existence is not a consolation. To be in tune with it is to be healthy and whole. All the religions of the world have been teaching God; I teach you existence." -Osho https://offbeatquotes.com

..n‘ ..o ".5 Ar‘ ‘_ .r " ~ ~~¢~ _. .xvy _ I L‘s-K - «it... ~ , .v' N! . ' .-' .- N... _ _~"“-fir —' . '",¢~~ '- L ~L ‘K' ” ‘3 "Existence Is That Which Is, And God Is That Which Is Not. Existence Is A Reality, God Is A Fiction. Existence Is Available Only To Meditators, People Of Silence; God Is A Consolation For Sick Minds, Sick Psychologies. Existence Is Not Your Production — God Is. That's Why There Is Only One Existence, But Thousands Of Gods. Each According To His Needs, Each According To His Suffering, Each According To His Expectations, Creates A God Or Accepts An Old Belief About God. God Is A Great Consolation, But It Is Not A Cure. Existence Is Not A Consolation. To Be In Tune With It Is To Be Healthy And Whole. All The Religions Of The World Have Been Teaching God; I Teach You Existence." -Osho