I wake up at 5:00 every morning of my life. I live in a small desert town in the south of Israel in the Negev desert. I begin my day by taking a brisk 40 minute walk in the desert which helps me knock everything into proportion. When I come back home and switch on the radio and I hear politicians using words such as never, forever, or for eternity I know the stones out in the desert are laughing at them. -Amos Oz, writer https://offbeatquotes.com

I Wake Up At 5:00 Every Morning Of My Life. I Live In A Small Desert Town In The South Of Israel In The Negev Desert. I Begin My Day By Taking A Brisk 40 Minute Walk In The Desert Which Helps Me Knock Everything Into Proportion. When I Come Back Home And Switch On The Radio And I Hear Politicians Using Words Such As Never, Forever, Or For Eternity I Know The Stones Out In The Desert Are Laughing At Them. -Amos Oz, Writer