I Todd McFarlane added 4 new photos E 1:: hrs. (- DON'T LET REJECTION GET YOU DOWN! When I was submitting my art to publishers, I had sent in over 700 submissions (yes..you read that right) and got HUNDREDS of rejections (yes...you read that fight too). Back in the day, before Excel (one of my favorite programs), I made a laundry list which I was able to keep track of all the portfolios I sent off to the diflerent editors. It I put a check mark next to the person I sent it to, that meant I got some kind of rejection letter from them, with the date I received it and by the end of it, there were a LOT of checks. But some of the times when I got a rejection letter back, the editor (or whoever was reading it), took the time to critique my drawing. 80 at first I had 20 things wrong and atter feedback. I had 15. And then from then on...l just kept improving. And when I finally improved enough, I got my first job! It's hard to keep going when you get rejected (trust me...l know), but it just takes ONE person to say YES to get your foot in the door. That's it for today. Be good. TODD https://inspirational.ly

February 06, 2018 at 07:34AM