LTE 10:10 AM @ 4 0' >8 79% f 36 {v I 35 {9 Share Of course it's not too late. You know what this reminds me of? When I was 13 I wanted to learn guitar but I saw on TV some kid who was 11 and a child prodigy and I thought "I waited too long, now l"|| be a beginner while kids like that already are great". Then I was 23 and thought "oh man if I had just started at 13 I would have ten years experience by now! But now why bother?" 3 At 33 I realized, damn if I had just started at 23 l WOUld probably be pretty good at this by now, but now l"m old and would feel weird in a beginner class at this age, so I didn't. At 43 I thought, why did i ever care about what people would think isntead of realizing I wanted to do something, but didn't out of fear and regret, and because I kept thinking about the amount of time I'd already wasted, isntead of the fact that RIGHT NOW is simultaneously the oldest I've ever been, and the youngest I will ever be again. Now is the time. For everything. Always. Just start a new game. ”Reply ‘I‘ 114 Jr .— /r/GetMotivated ‘5 f 24 .1. ‘7 Add

LTE 10:10 AM @ 4 0' >8 79% F 36 {v I 35 {9 Share Of Course It's Not Too Late. You Know What This Reminds Me Of? When I Was 13 I Wanted To Learn Guitar But I Saw On TV Some Kid Who Was 11 And A Child Prodigy And I Thought "I Waited Too Long, Now L"|| Be A Beginner While Kids Like That Already Are Great". Then I Was 23 And Thought "oh Man If I Had Just Started At 13 I Would Have Ten Years Experience By Now! But Now Why Bother?" 3 At 33 I Realized, Damn If I Had Just Started At 23 L WOUld Probably Be Pretty Good At This By Now, But Now L"m Old And Would Feel Weird In A Beginner Class At This Age, So I Didn't. At 43 I Thought, Why Did I Ever Care About What People Would Think Isntead Of Realizing I Wanted To Do Something, But Didn't Out Of Fear And Regret, And Because I Kept Thinking About The Amount Of Time I'd Already Wasted, Isntead Of The Fact That RIGHT NOW Is Simultaneously The Oldest I've Ever Been, And The Youngest I Will Ever Be Again. Now Is The Time. For Everything. Always. Just Start A New Game. ”Reply ‘I‘ 114 Jr .— /r/GetMotivated ‘5 F 24 .1. ‘7 Add