Listen: In the future, there is a small, quiet room that is just yours, Where you are safe and you are free. In that room your shoulders will finally start to come down from around your ears. Nobody can come into that room unless you let them. In that clean quiet place, you will work and you will study. You will love and you will heal. I know this is true because I am there with you. We are there together because you saved us. You saved us because you were brave and because you never stopped believing in that room. See you there, Your Future Self -

Listen: In The Future, There Is A Small, Quiet Room That Is Just Yours, Where You Are Safe And You Are Free. In That Room Your Shoulders Will finally Start To Come Down From Around Your Ears. Nobody Can Come Into That Room Unless You Let Them. In That Clean Quiet Place, You Will Work And You Will Study. You Will Love And You Will Heal. I Know This Is True Because I Am There With You. We Are There Together Because You Saved Us. You Saved Us Because You Were Brave And Because You Never Stopped Believing In That Room. See You There, Your Future Self -