BE LIKE MUSHROOMS. ‘ Spread your mycelial threads. underground. and connect them. out of sight. Extrude them. extend them. link them, clamping one to anothetinapattem with no eenterto destroy. no head to cut off. Then em. m out the revolutionary finer that Mohaomwnctures. that breaks m apart. Extefimmh. link root to root. Trw their “though subterranean fimgal'm. Be a can“. to}: in. Share. Be likewishrooms. ephemeral. mostly invisible. Pop up everywhere. overnight. and then disappear. BUT ALSO BE LIKE TREES. Grow slowly. Push up from below. when you’re ready. Draw from deep sources. but also take in light. Build structure. Flex and strengthen your fiber so when the storms hit. you can hold your ground. Feed on light. on air and water. Grow. Grow so tall that you can be seen from everywhere. a brave silhouette that shapes a new skyline. And don‘t grow alone.

February 21, 2018 at 01:00PM