It is the most extraordinary thing, a courthouse which is a part of the prison system itself, a place where you are already considered guilty and in jail on arrival. Woolwich Crown Court is nothing but the physical negation of the presumption of innocence, the very incarnation of injustice in unyielding steel, concrete and armoured glass. It has precisely the same relationship to the administration of justice as Guantanamo Bay or the Lubyanka. — Craig

It Is The Most Extraordinary Thing, A Courthouse Which Is A Part Of The Prison System Itself, A Place Where You Are Already Considered Guilty And In Jail On Arrival. Woolwich Crown Court Is Nothing But The Physical Negation Of The Presumption Of Innocence, The Very Incarnation Of Injustice In Unyielding Steel, Concrete And Armoured Glass. It Has Precisely The Same Relationship To The Administration Of Justice As Guantanamo Bay Or The Lubyanka. — Craig