I find it hard for meta followmy dreams, cause I get caught up in the drama1ill it's harder to breathe I'm starin’right af'my reflection and it's not even ‘me I got these voices in my head and I can't silence their screams Just haUntin' my dreams I wonder if it's only myself But as I take a’look around I, see nobody else can't talk about it tomy homies' causemy hamies won't help They'll act like they give fluck butithey don't know how it felt So I just keep a’étin' like it's an okay, ”bottled. pa’m has got'me feelin' hollovv afiaih Everyday I wake upTr— < ' I take a deep)c b; I agn'fyv in me stressed be it's them f1. -' (bottle . tam I? lhn ‘ eS’me wonder , "’ m't me avail! Nobody wants to hear“ about It sag. eep it contained It takes a1ot of lgitejfnights for me to see through the rain Because, I’m not’myself anymore https://inspirational.ly

“I find it hard for me to follow my dreams, cause I get cought up in the drama till it’s harder to breath” -Merkules (192×1080)