[lg/What! I lend everyone my ear, But nobody my heart, And I sure would like to change that, But I don't know where to start, I smile more to myself, Than the world will ever see, Because the only time my smile is real, Is in my own company, People don't know how I feel, They never even ask, It seems I have fooled them all, They can't see past my mask, If they were with me late at night, When the world was still asleep, Maybe I'd let them sort, Through the secrets that I keep, But when I wake at 2am, Nobody is ever there, AndI learnt that why I hide my heart, Is because no-one really cares. ITheMindsJournal I Erin Hanson - https://inspirational.ly

“I lend everyone my ear, but nobody my heart…” – Eric Hanson [700×900]