A positive attitude among the personnel was also seen as indirectly promoting the health of the patients. Personnel hav- ing a good time and laughing at work were seen to transmit positive energy to the patients. We had a patient who was in a four-person room this is what she said when I brought the lunch “it is so fun to hear how you sit and laugh in the staff room when you have coffee in the morning, because everyone laughs so heartily”, and she means that she feels that she becomes alert when she heard how we sat and laughed and had fun at work. https://offbeatquotes.com

A Positive Attitude Among The Personnel Was Also Seen As Indirectly Promoting The Health Of The Patients. Personnel Hav- Ing A Good Time And Laughing At Work Were Seen To Transmit Positive Energy To The Patients. We Had A Patient Who Was In A Four-person Room This Is What She Said When I Brought The Lunch “it Is So Fun To Hear How You Sit And Laugh In The Staff Room When You Have Coffee In The Morning, Because Everyone Laughs So Heartily”, And She Means That She Feels That She Becomes Alert When She Heard How We Sat And Laughed And Had Fun At Work.