Stop overcompensating. Be loving and kind but don’t let people walk all over you. Find your people. The ones you can be your most vulnerable with—the ones who know how to love you without judgments. Setting boundaries in life is empowering. Cutting toxic people out of your life will set you free. Don’t stay trapped in a life of chaos, lies, and manipulation. Do not seek revenge; the rotten fruit will fall on its own. Be brave. Learn to live your truth without caring what other people think. Follow your passion. Embrace your wild. Trust your heart. And love. Love is everything. It is your peace of mind. It is the hand you reach for in the middle of the night. It is losing track of time because you are lost in each other. It is sharing stories, secrets, and pain. It is feeling safe in doing so. It is a friendship on fire. To live a life full of an abundance of love is the most precious gift. Treasure it. Nurture it. Savor it. Because love is love. Love stays. Love wins. Oh, and avoid narcissists and sociopaths at all costs. They are scary, scary people. Stay safe out there, my friends.

Stop Overcompensating. Be Loving And Kind But Don’t Let People Walk All Over You. Find Your People. The Ones You Can Be Your Most Vulnerable With—the Ones Who Know How To Love You Without Judgments. Setting Boundaries In Life Is Empowering. Cutting Toxic People Out Of Your Life Will Set You Free. Don’t Stay Trapped In A Life Of Chaos, Lies, And Manipulation. Do Not Seek Revenge; The Rotten Fruit Will Fall On Its Own. Be Brave. Learn To Live Your Truth Without Caring What Other People Think. Follow Your Passion. Embrace Your Wild. Trust Your Heart. And Love. Love Is Everything. It Is Your Peace Of Mind. It Is The Hand You Reach For In The Middle Of The Night. It Is Losing Track Of Time Because You Are Lost In Each Other. It Is Sharing Stories, Secrets, And Pain. It Is Feeling Safe In Doing So. It Is A Friendship On Fire. To Live A Life Full Of An Abundance Of Love Is The Most Precious Gift. Treasure It. Nurture It. Savor It. Because Love Is Love. Love Stays. Love Wins. Oh, And Avoid Narcissists And Sociopaths At All Costs. They Are Scary, Scary People. Stay Safe Out There, My Friends.