ABOVE ALL, I think that the willingness and the courage to keep on trying develops best llelBI‘O is someone we love close by who can lend us some of the strength we do not yet have within ourselves. I don't mean someone who will do a task for us. but rather someone who will share our times of tryingjust by being around and being so pportive. someone who can sustain the belief that we can succeed even when we doubt it ourselves. We all need quiet. caring Cheerleaders like that—grownups as well as children. A NI I Y Thursday 2 5 J AR _ https://offbeatquotes.com

ABOVE ALL, I Think That The Willingness And The Courage To Keep On Trying Develops Best LlelBI‘O Is Someone We Love Close By Who Can Lend Us Some Of The Strength We Do Not Yet Have Within Ourselves. I Don't Mean Someone Who Will Do A Task For Us. But Rather Someone Who Will Share Our Times Of Tryingjust By Being Around And Being So Pportive. Someone Who Can Sustain The Belief That We Can Succeed Even When We Doubt It Ourselves. We All Need Quiet. Caring Cheerleaders Like That—grownups As Well As Children. A NI I Y Thursday 2 5 J AR _