( Tweet “'7 ; M.A. Buendl'a 9 v “(E @MABuendiaHD You enroll in college, people say your course sucks. You get a job, they say it's a shitty work with low salary. You go to the gym, they think you don't fit in. You buy your own car, they laugh it's not brand new or BMW. You get a place to live in, they say it's not nice. You get into a relationship, they say it won't last long. It's sad that even when you try to do something positive for yourself, some people still want to rain on your parade. As long you're proud of it, happy, and not harming anybody, keep going and don't mind what other people say. 6 fl https://offbeatquotes.com

( Tweet “'7 ; M.A. Buendl'a 9 V “(E @MABuendiaHD You Enroll In College, People Say Your Course Sucks. You Get A Job, They Say It's A Shitty Work With Low Salary. You Go To The Gym, They Think You Don't Fit In. You Buy Your Own Car, They Laugh It's Not Brand New Or BMW. You Get A Place To Live In, They Say It's Not Nice. You Get Into A Relationship, They Say It Won't Last Long. It's Sad That Even When You Try To Do Something Positive For Yourself, Some People Still Want To Rain On Your Parade. As Long You're Proud Of It, Happy, And Not Harming Anybody, Keep Going And Don't Mind What Other People Say. 6 fl