People always say "God, you know. it must-3W be blind', "My God. how do you do it?". "Oh. you poor guy". It's true! hit you know what? Ihere are plenty of good things about being blind. . I get no filament at Never have to‘l‘vouyabout I go on airplanes first amusement parks drinking and driving ' i .9 My elecmiill's [ride the omnimrrme. lower than yours Sometimes even free! 4 . o‘ E very srngle WOW" I've I don 't bay! to watch ever been with is a 10 somebody age You know what's cool aboutbeing blind! Thugno race. I don 'tknow from beauty. [know people from what it comes out omieirmouth, and what's in their heart. That’s howl know people It's very cool that way.

[IMAGE] Bad things have good sides too.