Be a bottle of water. Not a bottle of soda [Apiary Hm! '( "H- Delivered The bottle is you. What's inside is your emotions/reactions. The outside world and people are gonna attack you and rattle/shake you from time to time. If you shake a bottle of soda, when you finally open up you're gonna explode. But if you shake a water bottle, once you open up it's the same calm water it was before it got shook up. Don't let other people and this world disrupt your

Be A Bottle Of Water. Not A Bottle Of Soda [Apiary Hm! '( "H- Delivered The Bottle Is You. What's Inside Is Your Emotions/reactions. The Outside World And People Are Gonna Attack You And Rattle/shake You From Time To Time. If You Shake A Bottle Of Soda, When You Finally Open Up You're Gonna Explode. But If You Shake A Water Bottle, Once You Open Up It's The Same Calm Water It Was Before It Got Shook Up. Don't Let Other People And This World Disrupt Your