12h-e Dear men, You're probably really hot. But you won't believe me because of low self esteem. Self love, see a therapist and embrace your looks. You sexy as he'll, don't look for validation in women. find it in yourself. I believe in you. .. — and 4 others 3 Comments If) Like [:3 Comment é) Share .I. And even ifyou ain't the hottestjustown it, bro. Wear what you want and mean it. Confidence is 80% of attraction. Did I make that number up? Yes. But you believed it bemuse I presented it with c o n f i d e n c e . Even if you think you're objectively ugly. it doesn't change that confidence is the hottest thing in the world. And hey. You're not ugly. Someone out there thinks you are the hottest beast in town. There's an audience for everyone. Some have larger audiences. sure. butjust wony about your audience. If you're a cult classic. be a cult classic. like . Reply- 11h . Edited . 1 BE A CULT CLASSIC I LOVE THAT like Reply , 53m Confidence is the most attactive trait whether you're a man or a woman. https://offbeatquotes.com

12h-e Dear Men, You're Probably Really Hot. But You Won't Believe Me Because Of Low Self Esteem. Self Love, See A Therapist And Embrace Your Looks. You Sexy As He'll, Don't Look For Validation In Women. find It In Yourself. I Believe In You. .. — And 4 Others 3 Comments If) Like [:3 Comment é) Share .I. And Even Ifyou Ain't The Hottestjustown It, Bro. Wear What You Want And Mean It. Confidence Is 80% Of Attraction. Did I Make That Number Up? Yes. But You Believed It Bemuse I Presented It With C O N F I D E N C E . Even If You Think You're Objectively Ugly. It Doesn't Change That Confidence Is The Hottest Thing In The World. And Hey. You're Not Ugly. Someone Out There Thinks You Are The Hottest Beast In Town. There's An Audience For Everyone. Some Have Larger Audiences. Sure. Butjust Wony About Your Audience. If You're A Cult Classic. Be A Cult Classic. Like . Reply- 11h . Edited . 1 BE A CULT CLASSIC I LOVE THAT Like Reply , 53m Confidence Is The Most Attactive Trait Whether You're A Man Or A Woman.