I sometimes lay at night and think about my day - my life. Another wasted day, another wasted week, another wasted month sitting in front of my computer. I glance outside my window occasionaly and wonder what its like to have friends and to hangout - live some sort of active life. No one is imprisoning me but myself. I like to be alone, but there are times when I wish I could talk to someone beyond a computer screen. "It's OK" ltell myself, "I'll change tomorrow. I'll make everything better. I'll take initiative. I'll start being more productive," and Ifall asleep truly believing that tomorrow will be a better day. But then tomorrow comes and nothing changes. The worse part. is that there is no one to blame but myself. https://offbeatquotes.com

I Sometimes Lay At Night And Think About My Day - My Life. Another Wasted Day, Another Wasted Week, Another Wasted Month Sitting In Front Of My Computer. I Glance Outside My Window Occasionaly And Wonder What Its Like To Have Friends And To Hangout - Live Some Sort Of Active Life. No One Is Imprisoning Me But Myself. I Like To Be Alone, But There Are Times When I Wish I Could Talk To Someone Beyond A Computer Screen. "It's OK" Ltell Myself, "I'll Change Tomorrow. I'll Make Everything Better. I'll Take Initiative. I'll Start Being More Productive," And Ifall Asleep Truly Believing That Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day. But Then Tomorrow Comes And Nothing Changes. The Worse Part. Is That There Is No One To Blame But Myself.