phdinmyinbox c9 1 year ago lithe pain of rejection is a llesh wound, the pain of reget is internal bleedlng So the nexttime you take a chance I need you to know you're the only one stopping you because whether or not she g‘ves you a chance, you got to decide how your gonna walk out of here when its all said and done. Because life is going to go on. and there's only one nrle you're going to need to know about There are no second chances. There's only THIS moment, and the next one. Every one ofthose moments is a test 9 I‘ 9' 0 Reply EarthPanther (E) 1 year ago Jesus Christ that was inspirational I‘m gonna go run a marathon or some shit now 1 I‘ 9' phdinmyinbox c9 1 year ago And you get to take it one time, and ONLY one time. So ifyou see an opening. tear through the fear. Make damn sure you take that shot Seize that momenfl That moment is a cross roads, where everything you want will collide with everything stanrfing in your way (you). You. the sperm that bested a million others. The first place regional champion now competing in the finals. You've made itthis far. so why mn't it be you? 6r. 9'

[Image] Came for thrills, left with chills.