Hey bro I'm doing good what's happening at your end Did you get hold of . 06:42 Hey man Nah I havent approach him yet A bit worried man, think anxiety/dep is knocking on the door again... Hey bro let me know if you wanna have a quick chat In any case. It's alright bro. That's the deal with having depression and anxiety, it never really leaves us does it. It does come back every now and then in different variations and strengths. Sometimes weak sometimes strong enough to over power us. But the key for me has been acknowledging and remembering that this has happened before and that l have been here and l have managed to come back. Slowly and steadily l have been able to not worry about every thing, been able to have a smile on my face again and one that came straight from the heart. So bro I know it's going to be tough for a while but you just have to remember this is not you and this too shall pass. 69 Pm flié'ofliiifige © ' https://offbeatquotes.com

Hey Bro I'm Doing Good What's Happening At Your End Did You Get Hold Of . 06:42 Hey Man Nah I Havent Approach Him Yet A Bit Worried Man, Think Anxiety/dep Is Knocking On The Door Again... Hey Bro Let Me Know If You Wanna Have A Quick Chat In Any Case. It's Alright Bro. That's The Deal With Having Depression And Anxiety, It Never Really Leaves Us Does It. It Does Come Back Every Now And Then In Different Variations And Strengths. Sometimes Weak Sometimes Strong Enough To Over Power Us. But The Key For Me Has Been Acknowledging And Remembering That This Has Happened Before And That L Have Been Here And L Have Managed To Come Back. Slowly And Steadily L Have Been Able To Not Worry About Every Thing, Been Able To Have A Smile On My Face Again And One That Came Straight From The Heart. So Bro I Know It's Going To Be Tough For A While But You Just Have To Remember This Is Not You And This Too Shall Pass. 69 Pm Flié'ofliiifige © '