VAGABOMB~-- .r}: V. _. You will be in your own skin longer than you will be anywhere else. make it more than a battle ground of insecurities, more than a perpetual game of capture the self—love flag. make it a place where you let deserving lovers rest, a place of deep belly laughs and cleansing cries. make a home there in your skin. and let its inherent mystery bewilder onlookers. be amazed with yourself. &

VAGABOMB~-- .r}: V. _. You Will Be In Your Own Skin Longer Than You Will Be Anywhere Else. Make It More Than A Battle Ground Of Insecurities, More Than A Perpetual Game Of Capture The Self—love flag. Make It A Place Where You Let Deserving Lovers Rest, A Place Of Deep Belly Laughs And Cleansing Cries. Make A Home There In Your Skin. And Let Its Inherent Mystery Bewilder Onlookers. Be Amazed With Yourself. &