O .f StupidSIufioy - 8h [couldn‘t imagine if my dad didn't have his wheelchair. I couldn't Imagine how hopeless it must feel. For my dad, all he had was hope, not giving up. and I couldn't imagine if he couldn't have had the things he needed. like his wheelchair. Don't ever forget how much you have. even when you think the world has taken everything from you, never forget whats kept you standing. My dad lost his ability to walk when he was 28. my mom left him because she couldn't stand ’taking care’ of him. she took me with her and he didn't see me for years. But he had my picture and he said everyday he woke up and he looked at my picture and he said "You see that kid? That's why] keep going. Everyday"! got to see him again when lwas 12. I got visitation. That's when i found out my dad didn‘t have any legs anymore. He looked so different and I wondered if he was sad... but he just smiled at me and gave me a hug and he acts like it doesn't even phase him. It's been years since then and he’s finally buying a new house. his own home away from the ghettol! So even though it seemed like life had taken everything from my dad. even when it seemed like the world was falling down around him... my dad stood up. looked the universe in the face and he said ”I'm not afraid of you. you can't defeat me." So when we feel hopeless. like the world is against us. we gotta point our finger in the world's face and we gotta say "Go ahead and hit me. hit me hard. cause I'll never stop getting back up” https://offbeatquotes.com

O .f StupidSIufioy - 8h [couldn‘t Imagine If My Dad Didn't Have His Wheelchair. I Couldn't Imagine How Hopeless It Must Feel. For My Dad, All He Had Was Hope, Not Giving Up. And I Couldn't Imagine If He Couldn't Have Had The Things He Needed. Like His Wheelchair. Don't Ever Forget How Much You Have. Even When You Think The World Has Taken Everything From You, Never Forget Whats Kept You Standing. My Dad Lost His Ability To Walk When He Was 28. My Mom Left Him Because She Couldn't Stand ’taking Care’ Of Him. She Took Me With Her And He Didn't See Me For Years. But He Had My Picture And He Said Everyday He Woke Up And He Looked At My Picture And He Said "You See That Kid? That's Why] Keep Going. Everyday"! Got To See Him Again When Lwas 12. I Got Visitation. That's When I Found Out My Dad Didn‘t Have Any Legs Anymore. He Looked So Different And I Wondered If He Was Sad... But He Just Smiled At Me And Gave Me A Hug And He Acts Like It Doesn't Even Phase Him. It's Been Years Since Then And He’s Finally Buying A New House. His Own Home Away From The Ghettol! So Even Though It Seemed Like Life Had Taken Everything From My Dad. Even When It Seemed Like The World Was Falling Down Around Him... My Dad Stood Up. Looked The Universe In The Face And He Said ”I'm Not Afraid Of You. You Can't Defeat Me." So When We Feel Hopeless. Like The World Is Against Us. We Gotta Point Our finger In The World's Face And We Gotta Say "Go Ahead And Hit Me. Hit Me Hard. Cause I'll Never Stop Getting Back Up”