LarryLavekio - 3h I quit cold turkey back in october. You can do it. People will yell you how difficult it is. Dont listen to them. Its fuckin easy because you have the strength and the will power to follow through with this. Youre gonna have to rewire your brain to not associate certain actions with smoking. Smoking doesnt make sex better. It doesnt make a meal better afterwards and it doesnt make your car ride more enjoyable. These are just lies you used to tell your self when you smoked.

LarryLavekio - 3h I Quit Cold Turkey Back In October. You Can Do It. People Will Yell You How Difficult It Is. Dont Listen To Them. Its Fuckin Easy Because You Have The Strength And The Will Power To Follow Through With This. Youre Gonna Have To Rewire Your Brain To Not Associate Certain Actions With Smoking. Smoking Doesnt Make Sex Better. It Doesnt Make A Meal Better Afterwards And It Doesnt Make Your Car Ride More Enjoyable. These Are Just Lies You Used To Tell Your Self When You Smoked.