4h bu! Bro you're literally a package delivery guy. As if that's something to be proud of lmao O ‘5 Reply ‘I‘ -91 Cr -‘3h It actually is. Don't be a dickhead. You should be abso- lutely ashamed of yourself for trying to put down some- ones profession. Especially if the position is unionized and gets great great pay and benefits (UPS) or tenured gvt jobs with amazing benefits and pay (USPS). Mail carrier is an amazing career to have if you can work your way up. ANonb is better than nojob and you trashing someone for working says a lot about yourself. Be it an office job, or mopping mcdonalds, everyjob where someone is trying to make money honestly deserves respect. You look like an idiot. delete your comment. 0 *9 1‘90va https://inspirational.ly

[Image] Every job where someone is trying to get money honestly deserves respect