ryone in the world was born an artist. Ever-5* y. le person came into the world with a call to ate, but then something happened: self— I wareness, or to be more precise, self- . 'onsciousness, set in. Another kid or adult made * un of your art, or you compared your work to ' others' and deemed yours lacking in some way. Unfortunately, you gave in to your fear and let your f2? wonderful gift slip away. I want to tell you today to ‘ call back your gift. You do so by taking the first step, even when you feel terrified. Turn the terror of the blank canvas into something wonderful. You are never alone in the process. When we create, We come into alignment with the creator and the entire universe. Remember, all you have to do is ake the first step and practice. In time, you'll ‘alise you are only channelling art from a higher urce. Your mind will get out of the way and let, divine work through you." ~ A Backpack Fille' " Sunsets, lfeanyi Ogbo  ',."-l‘-.—;..-; ~ . b I.-.‘ .-". J x ‘ » .L. ('4'. ma. . ' M m puma". hm https://offbeatquotes.com

Ryone In The World Was Born An Artist. Ever-5* Y. Le Person Came Into The World With A Call To Ate, But Then Something Happened: Self— I Wareness, Or To Be More Precise, Self- . 'onsciousness, Set In. Another Kid Or Adult Made * Un Of Your Art, Or You Compared Your Work To ' Others' And Deemed Yours Lacking In Some Way. Unfortunately, You Gave In To Your Fear And Let Your F2? Wonderful Gift Slip Away. I Want To Tell You Today To ‘ Call Back Your Gift. You Do So By Taking The First Step, Even When You Feel Terrified. Turn The Terror Of The Blank Canvas Into Something Wonderful. You Are Never Alone In The Process. When We Create, We Come Into Alignment With The Creator And The Entire Universe. Remember, All You Have To Do Is Ake The First Step And Practice. In Time, You'll ‘alise You Are Only Channelling Art From A Higher Urce. Your Mind Will Get Out Of The Way And Let, Divine Work Through You." ~ A Backpack Fille' " Sunsets, Lfeanyi Ogbo ',."-l‘-.—;..-; ~ . B I.-.‘ .-". J X ‘ » .L. ('4'. Ma. . ' M M Puma". Hm