EXAMPLES OF SELF DISCIPLINE 1. Reading a business book even when you don't feel like it. 2. Passing up on a huge sale with extra money in the bank. 3. Eating the same food 4 times a week to lose weight. 4. Keeping the same phone model for 3 years straight. . Going for your workout even though you are tired. . Going out for a run even when it's raining. . Making healthy fresh dinners every night. . Putting your phone in a different room. . Not touching your phone on a date. 10. Turning off Netflix at a set time. 11. Doing that final rep at the gym. 12. Eating not in front of a screen. 13. Meeting your own deadlines. LOCDVOUUT foundation «‘SUCCC‘SS +3- https://inspirational.ly

[Image] Examples of self discipline