Baby's first existential crisis: A guide So you've finally realized that the world is absurd and without inherent meaning. You've accepted that all common endeavors of human life and inquiry will never bring complete satisfaction and that the highest values devalue themselves. Welcome to existential nihilism! When you get over the pangs of angst and despair, there are several responses for you to consider (if you don't kill yourself first that is). Get as much pleasure as you possibly can while you're alive, drink, eat and fuck like rabbits as much as possible. This is Hedonism, we all know the stories of the Greek dionysian festivals and the Roman orgies. A more subdued form of Hedonism was Epicureanism. It argued for a life of simple pleasures away from city life. One of the most famous hedonists was Marquis de Sade, who spurned social conventions and traditional morality in favor of sensual indulgence. Key texts: Epicurus — the essential Epicurus, de Sade - Philosophy in the bedroom, John Wilmot — A Satyr Against Reason and Mankind, Mozart - Don Giovanni. Pre-made meaning or self made? 1 Do you crave meaning? & Do you want calm and peace of mind? Do you care about having to give up all your shit? All your desires? Peace Can't accept a cosmic father figure? Communism and other movements are clearly progressive bullshit to you? Love the Greeks and Romanticism? Then create your own values! Accept that only you are the source of value, embrace your egoism and self interest. Create your own values because God is dead anyways and follow your aristocratic, amoral will to power to become the ultimate tragic hero-artist-philosopher of the future (examples: Goethe, Cesare Borgia, Da Vinci). "For believe me! —— the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment is: to live dangerously! Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius! Send your ships into uncharted seas! Live at war with your peers and yourselves!" — Herr Nietzsche, the Ubermensch himself Key texts - Nietzsche — Beyond Good and Evil, Giacomo Leopardi — Operette morali, Stirner - the ego and it's own To go please Are you Willing to believe in 60d? Haflelujah! ""4.“ Take a leap of faith into Religious existentialism! Faith is not a decision based on evidence, nothing could ever prove the existence of God. But many things we do as human beings are not based on evidence, in fact, anything we might call truth is subjective and our highest values, like love, are not Well there's various forms of political existentialism, Sartre is the most well known (and was a Marxist) and most existentialists tend to go left wing, but don't despair fascists, there are many right wingers who are big Nietzsche fans. One (albeit wierd) right winger who tackles these issues is Julius Evola. Of course you can always take any political or social movement of your choice and go crazy! Marx & Engels - The communist manifesto, Sartre - Existential is a humanism and Search for a Method, Bakunin — God and the State,Julius Evola - Men Among the Ruins, any political philosophy book of your choice really. No that's for pussies Then resignation from desire is the best option. There are many forms , ' but monastic Buddhism is the most well known (though Stoicism is ' -.~’ also popular), also if you like your German idealists with a little bit of Indian philosophy, read Schopenhauer. Key texts - In the Buddha's word (trans. Bhikkhu Bodhi), The world as will and representation - Schopenhauer, Epictetus - discourses Go with the flow or against the grain? A rebours! Embrace the absurd! Rebel against everything, fuck meaning, fuck asceticism, fuck the gods, you're going to live and you're not going to do it like a pussy. Be a rebel, go kill an arab or push a boulder up a steep hill. Key texts - Camus - The stranger, The myth of Sysiphus Be like water my friend based on evidence but on faith and feeling. Doubt will always be there, but if you're ready to make that commitment to love God, take that leap! key texts — Kierkegaard — Fear and trembling, Fyodor Dostoyevsky - crime and punishment, The Courage to Be - / , ‘ Paul Tilich "A man is born gentle and weak. At his death he is hard and stiff. Green plants are tender and filled with sap. At their death they are withered and dry. Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death. The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life." - DDJ, 76 That's Daoism, there's also Zen buddhism which is less life denying thanks to an infusion of Chinese and Japanese sensibilities (their priests marry, make art and music, etc), also look into Heidegger and the Kyoto school. Key texts: Heidegger - Being and time, Daodejing & Zhuangzi, S. Suzuki — Zen mind beginner's mind.

Baby's First Existential Crisis: A Guide So You've Finally Realized That The World Is Absurd And Without Inherent Meaning. You've Accepted That All Common Endeavors Of Human Life And Inquiry Will Never Bring Complete Satisfaction And That The Highest Values Devalue Themselves. Welcome To Existential Nihilism! When You Get Over The Pangs Of Angst And Despair, There Are Several Responses For You To Consider (if You Don't Kill Yourself First That Is). Get As Much Pleasure As You Possibly Can While You're Alive, Drink, Eat And Fuck Like Rabbits As Much As Possible. This Is Hedonism, We All Know The Stories Of The Greek Dionysian Festivals And The Roman Orgies. A More Subdued Form Of Hedonism Was Epicureanism. It Argued For A Life Of Simple Pleasures Away From City Life. One Of The Most Famous Hedonists Was Marquis De Sade, Who Spurned Social Conventions And Traditional Morality In Favor Of Sensual Indulgence. Key Texts: Epicurus — The Essential Epicurus, De Sade - Philosophy In The Bedroom, John Wilmot — A Satyr Against Reason And Mankind, Mozart - Don Giovanni. Pre-made Meaning Or Self Made? 1 Do You Crave Meaning? & Do You Want Calm And Peace Of Mind? Do You Care About Having To Give Up All Your Shit? All Your Desires? Peace Can't Accept A Cosmic Father Figure? Communism And Other Movements Are Clearly Progressive Bullshit To You? Love The Greeks And Romanticism? Then Create Your Own Values! Accept That Only You Are The Source Of Value, Embrace Your Egoism And Self Interest. Create Your Own Values Because God Is Dead Anyways And Follow Your Aristocratic, Amoral Will To Power To Become The Ultimate Tragic Hero-artist-philosopher Of The Future (examples: Goethe, Cesare Borgia, Da Vinci). "For Believe Me! —— The Secret For Harvesting From Existence The Greatest Fruitfulness And The Greatest Enjoyment Is: To Live Dangerously! Build Your Cities On The Slopes Of Vesuvius! Send Your Ships Into Uncharted Seas! Live At War With Your Peers And Yourselves!" — Herr Nietzsche, The Ubermensch Himself Key Texts - Nietzsche — Beyond Good And Evil, Giacomo Leopardi — Operette Morali, Stirner - The Ego And It's Own To Go Please Are You Willing To Believe In 60d? Haflelujah! ""4.“ Take A Leap Of Faith Into Religious Existentialism! Faith Is Not A Decision Based On Evidence, Nothing Could Ever Prove The Existence Of God. But Many Things We Do As Human Beings Are Not Based On Evidence, In Fact, Anything We Might Call Truth Is Subjective And Our Highest Values, Like Love, Are Not Well There's Various Forms Of Political Existentialism, Sartre Is The Most Well Known (and Was A Marxist) And Most Existentialists Tend To Go Left Wing, But Don't Despair Fascists, There Are Many Right Wingers Who Are Big Nietzsche Fans. One (albeit Wierd) Right Winger Who Tackles These Issues Is Julius Evola. Of Course You Can Always Take Any Political Or Social Movement Of Your Choice And Go Crazy! Marx & Engels - The Communist Manifesto, Sartre - Existential Is A Humanism And Search For A Method, Bakunin — God And The State,Julius Evola - Men Among The Ruins, Any Political Philosophy Book Of Your Choice Really. No That's For Pussies Then Resignation From Desire Is The Best Option. There Are Many Forms , ' But Monastic Buddhism Is The Most Well Known (though Stoicism Is ' -.~’ Also Popular), Also If You Like Your German Idealists With A Little Bit Of Indian Philosophy, Read Schopenhauer. Key Texts - In The Buddha's Word (trans. Bhikkhu Bodhi), The World As Will And Representation - Schopenhauer, Epictetus - Discourses Go With The Flow Or Against The Grain? A Rebours! Embrace The Absurd! Rebel Against Everything, Fuck Meaning, Fuck Asceticism, Fuck The Gods, You're Going To Live And You're Not Going To Do It Like A Pussy. Be A Rebel, Go Kill An Arab Or Push A Boulder Up A Steep Hill. Key Texts - Camus - The Stranger, The Myth Of Sysiphus Be Like Water My Friend Based On Evidence But On Faith And Feeling. Doubt Will Always Be There, But If You're Ready To Make That Commitment To Love God, Take That Leap! Key Texts — Kierkegaard — Fear And Trembling, Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Crime And Punishment, The Courage To Be - / , ‘ Paul Tilich "A Man Is Born Gentle And Weak. At His Death He Is Hard And Stiff. Green Plants Are Tender And Filled With Sap. At Their Death They Are Withered And Dry. Therefore The Stiff And Unbending Is The Disciple Of Death. The Gentle And Yielding Is The Disciple Of Life." - DDJ, 76 That's Daoism, There's Also Zen Buddhism Which Is Less Life Denying Thanks To An Infusion Of Chinese And Japanese Sensibilities (their Priests Marry, Make Art And Music, Etc), Also Look Into Heidegger And The Kyoto School. Key Texts: Heidegger - Being And Time, Daodejing & Zhuangzi, S. Suzuki — Zen Mind Beginner's Mind.