>3. ’o ’6... 957. mlz3b PM ‘ y Ac+iue 6 hours ago L I G Random +hougl-rl- +ha+ may or may no+ appeal: Your life as i+ is rigI-rl- now is Scaring +he shi+ ou+ of you. I+'s a dull, heavy, cons+an+, insidious fear +ha+'s always jus+ a+ or under +he surface. This means +ha+ ne+, you can'+ really lose by jus+ replacing one kind of Fear wi+h ano+her. If you do decide +o move +o Sea++le or come +o Aus+ralia, you'd be +errified ou+ of your wi+s, bu+ +ha+ sharp, in+ense, immedia+e, adrenalin-Pumping Fear a+ leas+ makes you Feel ALIVE. I+'s also much more Produc+iue becuse i+ +akes shor+er bur+s of s+reng+h +o work +hrough and +eaches you heaps abou+ +he world, Yourself and your ul+ima+e capabilil-ies along +he way. There's only so much +he "grind you down over +ime, insidious" Fear can +each you, and H sounds like you've learned every+hing you need +o learn from i+ righ+ now. Does +ha+ make sense? I'm going +o Pu+ +ha+ on a GEBQJAa ©|b https://inspirational.ly

[Image] Fear isn’t all bad.