noOT 11 maanden geleden It‘s amazing to think that the girl or boy that you have a crush on or that you are currently dating will be the one who you will spend the rest of your life with, but most likely that person is a complete waste of time and money, because the real one is probably hundreds, if not thousands of miles/kilometers away, and you may not meet that special somebody until your above forty years old, and you already have ajob. a small apartment in which you live by yourself, much less money than what you had as a child, and definitely not as much happiness When you meet that special person, your whole life will tum around, and your negative emotions and thougrts will be overflowed by the great memories, feelings. and emotions of love for the rest of your life. Then. before you know it. you two will grow old together, have kids, and then see your kids go through the same cycle that you went througr with their love life. Then. a short while after you watch them succeed in the trials of leave the world satisfied. I have not experienced this sort of love at any point of my life so far, but I know these feelings from the deepest chamber of my heart. Though I may be rejected and thought as ugly or fat nowadays. I know it will be useless crud in the past when I look back at my life with my new family. You just need to let these things happen...let them unfold. If people bully you. if they think that you should not be alive, if they tell you to kill yourself, don't listen to them. Don't change anything about yourself that makes you a good person at heart. Don't make yourself an artificial doll that is not really you. Especially if you are currently a student below college seeking a love life. You don't have to be rich. You don't have to have an iPhone X. You don't have to have expensive shoes. You don't have to be affected by those haters. Just be *you*. Let them deal with it. Trust me, not making yourself who you really are not will greatly benefit you in you future, and it your relationship with that special somebody that you will spend the rest of your life with. Will that person be trying to change who you are as a person deeply? Well, let's hope not. If they are, maybe then that person is not the one. Make sure to choose carefully. Anyways, this may have all sounded cliche, bodyjust started typing, and each letter and characta' came from my heart straight to the fingers tapping on my keyboard, each tap bringing on emotion of a part of my life that I may have not experienced. Heck. I normally don't use this type of formal writing or speech...l like to use shortened, I guess 'chill' words. And I really have never reflected on these things before. I have never even dated anyone in my life as of now, and probably won't for a long time. But..when things truly come from the center of your heart. amazing things will come out. I wish you all luck in finding that special somebody for you. I hope that this comment won't get lost in the son of over 1,561 comments as of December 14, 2017. <3 Minder weergeven I. 17K 9'

NoOT 11 Maanden Geleden It‘s Amazing To Think That The Girl Or Boy That You Have A Crush On Or That You Are Currently Dating Will Be The One Who You Will Spend The Rest Of Your Life With, But Most Likely That Person Is A Complete Waste Of Time And Money, Because The Real One Is Probably Hundreds, If Not Thousands Of Miles/kilometers Away, And You May Not Meet That Special Somebody Until Your Above Forty Years Old, And You Already Have Ajob. A Small Apartment In Which You Live By Yourself, Much Less Money Than What You Had As A Child, And Definitely Not As Much Happiness When You Meet That Special Person, Your Whole Life Will Tum Around, And Your Negative Emotions And Thougrts Will Be Overflowed By The Great Memories, Feelings. And Emotions Of Love For The Rest Of Your Life. Then. Before You Know It. You Two Will Grow Old Together, Have Kids, And Then See Your Kids Go Through The Same Cycle That You Went Througr With Their Love Life. Then. A Short While After You Watch Them Succeed In The Trials Of Leave The World Satisfied. I Have Not Experienced This Sort Of Love At Any Point Of My Life So Far, But I Know These Feelings From The Deepest Chamber Of My Heart. Though I May Be Rejected And Thought As Ugly Or Fat Nowadays. I Know It Will Be Useless Crud In The Past When I Look Back At My Life With My New Family. You Just Need To Let These Things Happen...let Them Unfold. If People Bully You. If They Think That You Should Not Be Alive, If They Tell You To Kill Yourself, Don't Listen To Them. Don't Change Anything About Yourself That Makes You A Good Person At Heart. Don't Make Yourself An Artificial Doll That Is Not Really You. Especially If You Are Currently A Student Below College Seeking A Love Life. You Don't Have To Be Rich. You Don't Have To Have An IPhone X. You Don't Have To Have Expensive Shoes. You Don't Have To Be Affected By Those Haters. Just Be *you*. Let Them Deal With It. Trust Me, Not Making Yourself Who You Really Are Not Will Greatly Benefit You In You Future, And It Your Relationship With That Special Somebody That You Will Spend The Rest Of Your Life With. Will That Person Be Trying To Change Who You Are As A Person Deeply? Well, Let's Hope Not. If They Are, Maybe Then That Person Is Not The One. Make Sure To Choose Carefully. Anyways, This May Have All Sounded Cliche, Bodyjust Started Typing, And Each Letter And Characta' Came From My Heart Straight To The fingers Tapping On My Keyboard, Each Tap Bringing On Emotion Of A Part Of My Life That I May Have Not Experienced. Heck. I Normally Don't Use This Type Of Formal Writing Or Speech...l Like To Use Shortened, I Guess 'chill' Words. And I Really Have Never Reflected On These Things Before. I Have Never Even Dated Anyone In My Life As Of Now, And Probably Won't For A Long Time. But..when Things Truly Come From The Center Of Your Heart. Amazing Things Will Come Out. I Wish You All Luck In finding That Special Somebody For You. I Hope That This Comment Won't Get Lost In The Son Of Over 1,561 Comments As Of December 14, 2017. <3 Minder Weergeven I. 17K 9'