I think the fact that everyone is telling you "no" is in fact getting shot down. And telling people "fuck it, I'm doing this anyway" is not going to endear you to anybody. Is this really the hill you wanna die on? Skaz Wolfman . . . . . . . There IS no shame In falling. Only In not trying. I've failed at a lot of things in my life. I'm sure I'm going to fail a lot more in the future. One more failure won't break me. But giving up without a fight just isn't me. I'd much rather be the guy that threw himself into a lost cause and failed with gusto than the guy that meekly folded because everyone said "No, that's dumb and you're dumb for thinking that would work". As for endearing people to me? Meh. I came here to write stories and have fun, not to win a popularity contest. If everyone is STILL screaming NO after I've given it the old college try, then I will graciously concede defeat, with my head held high. https://offbeatquotes.com

I Think The Fact That Everyone Is Telling You "no" Is In Fact Getting Shot Down. And Telling People "fuck It, I'm Doing This Anyway" Is Not Going To Endear You To Anybody. Is This Really The Hill You Wanna Die On? Skaz Wolfman . . . . . . . There IS No Shame In Falling. Only In Not Trying. I've Failed At A Lot Of Things In My Life. I'm Sure I'm Going To Fail A Lot More In The Future. One More Failure Won't Break Me. But Giving Up Without A fight Just Isn't Me. I'd Much Rather Be The Guy That Threw Himself Into A Lost Cause And Failed With Gusto Than The Guy That Meekly Folded Because Everyone Said "No, That's Dumb And You're Dumb For Thinking That Would Work". As For Endearing People To Me? Meh. I Came Here To Write Stories And Have Fun, Not To Win A Popularity Contest. If Everyone Is STILL Screaming NO After I've Given It The Old College Try, Then I Will Graciously Concede Defeat, With My Head Held High.