dearly beloved: i hope when your daughter says i don 't want to go to school today, you hear her. i hope you notice the way the words seem to sink in the air like she is pronouncing them with such a heft that they cannot be supported by her breath. i hope you do not tell her you stayed up late and that's why you ’re so tired. dearly beloved, ihope you push the hair back from her face and look into her eyes and ask her to tell you what is keeping her from seeing her friends. dearly beloved, do not rush to work throwing a feel better over your shoulder. instead take her into your arms and hold her. dearly beloved: i hope when your son stops eating, you notice it. i hope that when his shoulders cave towards each other and his skin grows pale that you remember what it was like to be a teenager and instead of telling yourself that he will grow out of it, i hope you ask him why you can see all of his ribs. dearly beloved, ihope you find his razorblades before he becomes addicted, i hope you roll back your sleeves and sit down, scars showing, and kiss his forehead and tell him the stories he has been too young to know beforehand. dearly beloved, don’t you dare tell that young man that depression only happens to teenage girls. dearly beloved, tell him you stood where he stands. when your daughter comes home with her first girlfriend, smile, beloved, welcome her with open arms and do not cement on her style of clothes. when your son grows out his hair and finds his way into your makeup and tells you he’d like to be called a girl, ask her what she’d like for breakfast and tell her she looks great in that skirt. be proud of your children, beloved. they are an extension of you. i hope you love them regardless of what their paths lead to. — r.i.d

[image] i’m really glad i took the time to read this and i hope you guys do too