Hey guys I just wanna tell you something because I think it's good advice. Never, ever, play the victim in situations. if you did something wrong, own up to it, and you'll grow stronger. people will respect you Even if you were 100 percent sure you were the victim, don't let the fact engulf your entire life. Get up, and work 10 times harder than you did before. Don't let others humiliate you, because your better than them. life gets harder as people grow up. if everyone had the same resume with the same set of skills what are you gonna do? Work ten times harder than your peers and you'll have a bigger resume. And Elon will hire you! Just because your born a certain race (or gender) doesn't mean you won't be successful in life. Sometimes you just have to put down the phone, and find some common sense. Don't even care about what people think about you, all you gotta do is be you Also it's okay to cry every now and then. To the people who think crying makes someone weak, imma ask you to head out. https://inspirational.ly

[Image] I’m still a very young and ignorant teenager, but I was always taught to never be a victim.