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H‘T‘._.I. J/%In ‘l- U L" 5 Z Did You Know That Harrison Ford Atélévms A CarpenterVZVera Wang Didn'ta's _ N H‘sn first Dress Until She Was 40. ' All I'm Saying Is You Younglns Are Running 1 Around Here Trying To Be Somebody When "We Re 5 ,yet. . You Don’t Even Know Who Y 1 4’ . T I ‘E; Z E, You Know What Happened To Oprah At*23? She Got fired! Imagine firing Oprah " O.‘ It- " Yeah. We'li'that-‘was A Mistake. . [“h- I» She WaQJust Some 23-year‘4oId Punk Who ' Needed To Get fired So She Could Bec' Ome Oprah. A .’ ‘SOmetimQyou® Gottaa Fa Ii To Su / ‘3.