wig @ikeaduvet posting on instagram and then getting scared 6224 PM - 7/20/21 - Twitter for iPhone 4,789 Retweets 358 Quote Tweets 34.9K Likes Q “Ll (9 £1 Ismael Millone @Ismael_Millo... ~56m Replying to @ikeaduvet l legit don't know why people are afraid of posting things like their flaws and selfies out there on fb or ig, it really shows this generation lacks self love. When you love yourself you don't care what you post, cause thats how you really are. <91 11 (931 a. Ismael Millone @Ismael_MiIlo... -54m No need to post all perfect things online and act like everything is okay and post the real you, let them see the real u, if they like you like that they stay, if they don't then let em go. 02 113 C920 .1. https://inspirational.ly

[image] Ismael, you right! Self love important!