‘ Dr. Glenn Doyle @DrDoyleSays Hey, you. Yeah, you, the person who’s feeling overwhelmed, & is scrolling social media for a sec to try to calm down. You’re doing okay. You’re all right. Let’s pick a song to put on in your head before going back out there. Make it something that rocks. You’ve got this. 11:05 AM ~ 8/25/21 - Twitter https://offbeatquotes.com

‘ Dr. Glenn Doyle @DrDoyleSays Hey, You. Yeah, You, The Person Who’s Feeling Overwhelmed, & Is Scrolling Social Media For A Sec To Try To Calm Down. You’re Doing Okay. You’re All Right. Let’s Pick A Song To Put On In Your Head Before Going Back Out There. Make It Something That Rocks. You’ve Got This. 11:05 AM ~ 8/25/21 - Twitter