“If you haven't succeeded in your dreams, don't lose heart. It's more likely that your time hasn't come yet. Your life is not bound to somebody else's life. So, do not compare your life with another person. If they're achieving in their life it's because their time has come soon. It doesn't mean that your time will never come. Your prayers, hardwork and dedication will always get paid off provided that you work your ass off to get to the point where you want to. Think about why started it in the first place. Think about how much happiness it'll give you when you attain it. Think about all the people who are dependent on you. So that, you will never give up. And once again, let me tell you! Do not lose faith and keep working until you reach your goal.” Remember! Mark Zuckerberg became a millionaire just at the age of 22 while Colonel Sanders founder of KFC became a millionaire at the age of 65. It's never too late to start off anything. Whatever it is, it should start from your heart. Keep smiling. :) https://inspirational.ly

[Image] It is never too late to start anything!