. ' Jessica EllisO @baddestmamajama Every person I know is at Grade-A exhaustion right now so let this be your motivational tweet: DON'T do the thing today. DON'T go get it, girl. Stay the fuck in bed if you can and have a bowl of soup and a nap. Rest isn't laziness. Rest isn't a failure. REST. 1:30 PM - 15 Dec 18 - Twitter https://offbeatquotes.com

. ' Jessica EllisO @baddestmamajama Every Person I Know Is At Grade-A Exhaustion Right Now So Let This Be Your Motivational Tweet: DON'T Do The Thing Today. DON'T Go Get It, Girl. Stay The Fuck In Bed If You Can And Have A Bowl Of Soup And A Nap. Rest Isn't Laziness. Rest Isn't A Failure. REST. 1:30 PM - 15 Dec 18 - Twitter