Here's a bit of advice to anyone passing by, coming from someone who exercises religiously and would lose their mind if they missed a single day. Nobody is motivated every day. Hell, people are rarely motivated more than once a week. It's nothing but habit. If you ask yourself the question, "Will I do this today?" The answer is already no. You have to remove the question from your daily routine. Plan your day tomorrow. Wake up early and get it out of the way. Don't think about it. Just do it. One day the motivation will come and then the clock is ticking. You have about a week to establish a habit before that motivation fades. You didn't go for a run today. You've started going for a run every day. Keep this to yourself until it already defines you. Never, ever, ever tell anyone what you plan to do; only what you've done. The best people in the world will crush your aspirations the moment you share them. They'll doubt you without saying a word and it'll all be over. Tell them once it's done and bathe in their reaction. It's all about precedents. If you slack off once you'll do it again. Never set a bad precedent. Keep adding a little bit to your routine. Run a little bit further, or a little bit faster. Try adding weight to your squat. Walk up a hill instead of around the park. As long as you‘re inching forward you never have to worry about falling backward. It's not hard. It's not easy. It just is. Don't think. Just do.

[Image] It’s not hard. It’s not easy. It just it. Don’t think. Just do.