.QV - W 179,234 likes jonahhill Life is so weird and crazy. The Movie business is so weird and crazy. Last night I got an incredible honor from @wsjmag and received their Innovator in Film Award. To be up there amongst @ralphlauren @davidchang @iamruthecarter and other heroes of mine in so many different fields was a dream come true. But most of all, my old friend @channingtatum flew in to give me this award. I don't get to see him nearly as much as I’d like to and that sucks. But the idea that he would take the time out to give me this and be there for me, made me feel a feeling of friendship and joy that reminds you how special life can be. It’s not about anything besides the beautiful people you meet along the way . And one of the best there is, is @channingtatum . Love u buddy. https://inspirational.ly

[Image] Jonah hill being motivational once again!