Good Guy (Father) Rick Moranis :21?- 23a? we .. m; {Law-cc“. - . ~~§L . " or " . If_- - x ‘, ' . 1-- ‘ ‘ ’ c. . ‘ -‘. :' 4'” I‘ -.- ’ J ; lined U r2... . . I.“- 3_. I ,l -c'l 3 #4?“ L“ Like him or not, I do admire Rick Moranis. He retired from Hollywood, to be a stay at home dad, after his wife died of breast cancer. Why did he do this? Because Rick Moranis, who rew up in the suburbs of Toronto, had had a appy wonderful childhood, and he wanted to recreate that for his own kids in Manhattan. He felt that the adage, ”90 percent of success is iust being there” to be true. ”When my kids came home, there was music, and there were lights on, and there were great smells coming out of the kitchen,” he said. ”And it was just a joyful place to be, and that’ 5 what I wanted.” My mother died of Leukemia and my dad took care of me and my two older brothers. He did a reat iob raising us and I could only hope to be ha f the man he is. I admire Rick and I can relate to his struggle.

[Image] Just Being There For Someone