i see many people here who are sad for not having those things showed in the video, for not traveling and going on adventures with friends. | always thought that there was something wrong with me, because i never had spontaneous and adventurous friends who have the same passion for traveling as i do, to do stuff with, but now i understand that i just never found people who are like that. most of my generation cares only about followers, likes, going on dinner and taking a photo for their instagram. so there's nothing wrong with me. there's nothing wrong with them either, they're just not the people i want to hang outwith. I do believe that someday I will find my kind of people. And i believe that someday you will too. There's nothing wrong with us. We'll find our place and We'll do all of the thing described in the video. Someday we will live. i know that. https://inspirational.ly

[Image] Just found this very wholesome YouTube comment, immediately though of you guys.