It’s easy to fall into the trap of being hopeless. For one reason or another — you feel like shit. I don’t want to take that away from you. I would never want to discount the fact. But if I can ask one favor from you — PRETEND. Pretend that your pain is temporary. Pretend this is just a mind cold. Pretend as if you are a child again. Whatever the reason —just fucking pretend. Start at 10 minutes a day and keep moving up. It might take weeks; It might take years; It might seem absurd, and hell, it might even seem to make things worse — highlighting the reality of your situation. But, over time, I KNOWit will transcend all self doubt. You get used to the 10 minutes of light. The freedom from pain. It becomes a break from your norm. You begin to find yourself addicted to the time slot. You want more. The routine of our despair will become stale, and you’ll want 20 minutes of shine, 40 minutes, 2 hours, and so on. And one day, maybe far in the future, it will give — you will note the moments of illness bleeding through your newly formed habit of hope.

It’s Easy To Fall Into The Trap Of Being Hopeless. For One Reason Or Another — You Feel Like Shit. I Don’t Want To Take That Away From You. I Would Never Want To Discount The Fact. But If I Can Ask One Favor From You — PRETEND. Pretend That Your Pain Is Temporary. Pretend This Is Just A Mind Cold. Pretend As If You Are A Child Again. Whatever The Reason —just Fucking Pretend. Start At 10 Minutes A Day And Keep Moving Up. It Might Take Weeks; It Might Take Years; It Might Seem Absurd, And Hell, It Might Even Seem To Make Things Worse — Highlighting The Reality Of Your Situation. But, Over Time, I KNOWit Will Transcend All Self Doubt. You Get Used To The 10 Minutes Of Light. The Freedom From Pain. It Becomes A Break From Your Norm. You Begin To Find Yourself Addicted To The Time Slot. You Want More. The Routine Of Our Despair Will Become Stale, And You’ll Want 20 Minutes Of Shine, 40 Minutes, 2 Hours, And So On. And One Day, Maybe Far In The Future, It Will Give — You Will Note The Moments Of Illness Bleeding Through Your Newly Formed Habit Of Hope.