He was bullied as a boy because he couldn't speak well. On his second date with Nelia (his first wife), Joe didn’t have enough money to pay the bill at the restaurant. Neilia slipped him a $20 under the table. He was drafted to serve in the military but failed the physical because he had asthma. In 1988, Biden underwent surgery for a brain aneurysm. Three months later, he had surgery for a second brain aneurysm. E He lost his first wife and daughter to a car accident. Following the death of his first wife and daughter, He had mental health struggles that took him to the brink of suicide. Joe Biden is the president-elect of the United States. To anyone struggling with anything, please remember, “tough times never lost but tough people do.“ Keep going! Your dreams are valid. https://inspirational.ly

[IMAGE] Keep going! Your dreams are valid.