Lay your life dowrl. You_r«_' t’e'; ' ‘ reserV01r of breaths lS drajfimg . . . , .‘ whlle you can. You have bones I . e them :— . u e can carry nothlng 1n the grave. You have hugs, let th 3: II M laughter. . With an averagie hfe ex ectancy of 78.2 years m e US (subtracung elght hours a ay for _s eeF), I have around 250,00 co_nsc10us hows ‘ remalmrlg tome 1n vyhlch could be 811111ng or scowlm? _re101(_:lng In my life, 111 thls race, 1n thl_s story, or moanmg and comp _ about my troubles. I can be glvmg m fingers my back, my nun my ' : words, my breaths, to my w1fe an my chfldren and my ne _bors, or I can fa? after the vapor and the yam .for myself, drafgmfi = ' feet, rm to (he and therefore afrald to ve. And, hke A am, 81111 d1e 1n the end. . 1 m: 36: ’1

[Image] Lay Your Life Down