VEGETII GING FREEC55 [(11150 “11305111“ : 0 o : THE Freer "It is important to draw "I see "OW that the ”Even the mig'ntiest of ”VOU shodd enjoy the "You wanted revenge? wisdom from different circumstances Of one’s warriors experience fears. little detours t0 the You’re just making other places. If you td<e it from birth are irTelevant. It is A/hat makes them a true fullest. because that's people as miserdale as only one place, it what you do With the warrior is the courage where you Will find you. Revenge is just the becomes Md and stale." gift of life that that they possess to things more important path you took to escwe overcome their fears." than what you want." your suffering." son": an rm II NATII mm: ”my, ”usury ”mm . 5m: 5mm HOWL’5 MOVING A PLACE FURTHER N RU O 2002 RUROUNI KENsHIN COWBOY BEBOP CAsrLE (2005) THAN THE UN/veese A T ( ) (1994) (1992) "They say that the best I (2018) "Knowing what it feels "You can die anytime. blaze bums brigwtest Sometimes. people are to be in pain is exactiy but living takes true when circumstances are ”St mean. DOM: fig“ Why we try to be kind courage." mean With mean. Hold to others." VII!” THE QTIIMPEDE 5HEETII IIR5IILII CASTLE IN THE sxy mews DELIVERY TR'GUN (1998) (1986) SERVICE (1989) "It is a virtue to devote "No matter how many "'E-ust in your spirit! That ones self to something. weapons you have. no same spirit is what firmly believing in ones matter how g-eat your makes me paint and own ideals. But that does technology might be. the makes your friend bake not mean it's alrigwt to world cannot live without but we each need to find belittle the ideals or love!" our own inspiration." feelings of others." QETO MIRA NO GAME NO LIFE YU-GI-OH! (1996) (2014) "Games are not boring. "If someone wishes to Games puify our sods fly. will that let him g~ow and leave room for new wings? I don't think so. development that You don't change challenges the mind. you’sdf. You change how They are the products of you approach the problem." QAILOR MOOII EDWARD ELRIC SAILOR MOON (1992) FULLMETAL ALCHEMIéT (2003) "The people of the world. "H lesson without pain is all of them. whether it is meaningless. for you the different race or the cannot gain something different language or the without sacrificing different lifestyle. tend to something else in return. only think about what we But once you have cannot share. Quit our recovered it and made it brains are all the same. your own you will gain We are the same people." an irreplaceable Fullmetal YIII IKIIRI NEON GENE$I$ EVANGELION (1995) ”Hnywhere can be paradise as long as you have the will to live. Hter all. you are alive. so you will always have the chance to be happy Rs long as the sun. the moon. and the earth exist. everything will be all right." LELOIICII III BRITANNIA “75.2355 GIN TOK I “M TII GINTAMA (2006) "The shape of happiness might resemble dass You soap bibble. It rides on don't usually notice it. it’s the wind. flying here and still definitely there. you there and before you merely have to change realize it. pop! It's gone. your point of view When it’s about to slightly and then that disappear. you thirk "Life is basically like a glass will sparkle when it that you could’ve flown reflects the light.” a bit higher" MAKOTO KONNO KISIIOII ARIMA THE 3‘30” THE GIRL WHO LEAPT TOKYO GHOUL (201...) GURREN LAGAAN THE CAT RETURN$ THROUGH TIME (2008) (2007) (2002) "You dont get to choose ‘ . . "We evolve beyond the "Whenever someone when or who you meet. make bad ChOlceSi lt P850" that we were a creates somethlng with all However you do get to doesn't mean they are minute before. Little by of their heart. then that choose who you hold bad people. It means little. we advance With creation is given a soul." onto." they are human." each tum. That's how a drill works!" ATTACK ON TITAN (2013) ”Do you aways want to live hiding behind the mask you put up for the sake of others? You’re you. and there's nothing wrong with that." TA TSIIKO KIISIIKIIBE My NEIGHBOR TOTORO (1988) TOORII OIIMWA 51 TGIIKI KIRYIIIII GODO HAIKYUUII (2014) KILL LA KILL (2013) 55125ng (1989) "Hsk not the sparrow "Hate is a place where how the eagle soars." REIKO MIMI" ANOTHER (2012) "Talent is something you bloom: instinct is something you polis ." "It's just pathetic to give up on something before you even give it a shot." "Tees and people used to be good friends." a man who can't stand sadness goes." TOORII HONDA FRUIT5 BA$KET (2001) TIIKIIKI TOIIIIO 5 CENT/METER5 PER $ECOND (2007) ”Realty is brimming over with beautiful things. scintillating feelings. How many of them have I been missing?" nonouoa 2030 MM TH? ”16“”! mmwv mm ONE PIECE (1999) TATAglofingXY FAIRY TAIL (2009) "When the world shoves "'lhere is no such thing as "If you believe in you around. you just that rose-colored campus tomorrow and put gotta stand up and life. Why? Because there yourself out there. you shove back. It's not like is nothing rose-colored in can naturally obtain your somebodys gonna save the world. Everything is strength, That's how you you if you start babbling all a bunch of colors will be able to smile and excuses." mixed up. you see." live strong." "Sometimes living can be hard. but it's only because were alive that we can make each other laugw. cry. and be happy!" LLAWLIET any: mailman! AAA STATE OF PLAYQ DEATH NOTE (2006) Psyeggaless FATE/ZERO (2011) "Being alone is better ”Society doesnt always "Whatever you do. enjoy than being with the do what’s right. That's it to the fullest. That is wrong person." exactly Wny we ourselves the secret of life." must live virtuous lives."

VEGETII GING FREEC55 [(11150 “11305111“ : 0 O : THE Freer "It Is Important To Draw "I See "OW That The ”Even The Mig'ntiest Of ”VOU Shodd Enjoy The "You Wanted Revenge? Wisdom From Different Circumstances Of One’s Warriors Experience Fears. Little Detours T0 The You’re Just Making Other Places. If You Td