[Outroz 2Pac] Hahahaha, you ain't knowin' what we mean by starin' through the rearview So, since you ain't knowin' what we mean, let me break it better understandin' the world...The world is behind us Once a motherfucker get an understandin' on the game, and what the levels and the rules of the game is Then the world ain't no trick no more, the world is a game to be played So, now we lookin' at the world from, high watch, behind us Niggas know what we gotta do: just gotta put our mind to it and do it, it's all about the papers, money rule the world Bitches make the world go round Real niggas do what they wanna do, bitch niggas do what https://offbeatquotes.com

[Outroz 2Pac] Hahahaha, You Ain't Knowin' What We Mean By Starin' Through The Rearview So, Since You Ain't Knowin' What We Mean, Let Me Break It Better Understandin' The World...The World Is Behind Us Once A Motherfucker Get An Understandin' On The Game, And What The Levels And The Rules Of The Game Is Then The World Ain't No Trick No More, The World Is A Game To Be Played So, Now We Lookin' At The World From, High Watch, Behind Us Niggas Know What We Gotta Do: Just Gotta Put Our Mind To It And Do It, It's All About The Papers, Money Rule The World Bitches Make The World Go Round Real Niggas Do What They Wanna Do, Bitch Niggas Do What