L.‘ i )> When a young Sidney Poitier answered an ad for actors, he read his lines with difficulty and a thick accent, and the theater owner told him to go be a “dishwasher or something’ He already was a dishwasher, so these words stung badly. He resolved to be successful, and at work, an old waiter sat with him each night, teaching him to read. Sidney Poitier went on to become the first black actor to win a Best Actor Oscar and was once ranked the most bankable movie star. https://offbeatquotes.com

L.‘ I )> When A Young Sidney Poitier Answered An Ad For Actors, He Read His Lines With Difficulty And A Thick Accent, And The Theater Owner Told Him To Go Be A “dishwasher Or Something’ He Already Was A Dishwasher, So These Words Stung Badly. He Resolved To Be Successful, And At Work, An Old Waiter Sat With Him Each Night, Teaching Him To Read. Sidney Poitier Went On To Become The first Black Actor To Win A Best Actor Oscar And Was Once Ranked The Most Bankable Movie Star.